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How to Disinfect a Toilet

When you clean a toilet bowl, it may look clean, but is it actually? Appearances can be deceiving, and none more so than when it comes to disinfecting your bathroom.

Proper disinfecting involves using the right chemicals to ensure all harmful bacteria are permanently destroyed - this is especially important in the family home.  However, there are key safety tips that must be followed, as combining the wrong chemicals can lead to dangerous gases being released.



EYE PROTECTION and strong GLOVES (any standard gloves will do; however, NITRILE GLOVES provide even greater protection);
• Bowl swab;
• Chemical disinfectant (such as 


1.     Firstly, you’ll want to turn off the toilet's water inlet, then flush the toilet - this will remove all water in the trap, and is essential for effective disinfecting.
2.     Spray your disinfectant into the toilet, coating all surfaces in liquid, especially around the rim and trap.  Surfaces must remain wet for AT LEAST ten minutes to ensure effective germ killing.
3.     After ten minutes swab thoroughly under the rim and deep down into the trap making sure you cover all surfaces.
4.     Turn the water back on and flush the toilet.
5.     Spray disinfectant on all outside surfaces and leave for at least ten minutes, before wiping off with a wet cloth.  Dry thoroughly with paper towels and then discard.
6.     Every night, squirt bleach around the edge of the rim and leave overnight to prevent germs and limescale from sticking around.


1.     Hydrochloric acid can be used on very stubborn mineral deposits in the toilet bowl. 
2.     If you really want to do the job properly, you can also unscrew your toilet from the floor and clean around the flange with acid.


•     Disinfecting the outside of the toilet is just as important as disinfecting the inside - people generally flush the toilet before they wash their hands and thus regularly transfer germs to the handle.
•     Thoroughly clean the bathroom before you disinfect the toilet - this way you won’t simply transfer germs from the rest of the room to your newly sparkling toilet.
•     DO NOT combine bleach with any other cleaning product - this can release chlorine gas and other dangerous compounds.

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