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The Prochem 'Magnificent Seven'

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Product details

A specially selected collection of 7 PROCHEM spotters and conditioners in 1 litre bottles.  The PROCHEM "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" consists of the following products:


SOLVEX is a ready to use, water rinsable blend of detergents and solvents, designed to remove spots and stains on fabrics, carpets and hard surfaces, leaving an aromatic odour.  It is effective for removing oil based and emulsion paint, nail polish, varnish and solvent soluble stains including ink.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.  Apply SOLVEX directly to stain without over applying.  Blot - DO NOT RUB - stains with a clean white towel or if necessary scrape with a blunt knife.  For best results rinse area with warm water.

N.B. Harmful product - always wear gloves and avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Use in well ventilated areas and do not breathe vapour.


LEMON REFRESH concentrate is a fresh liquid deodoriser and air conditioner which can be added to carpet and fabric shampoo and extraction solutions, and hard surface cleaners.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Add 1 part LEMON REFRESH to up to 200 parts of ready to use cleaning solution before use.  

N.B. LEMON REFRESH is irritant to skin and eyes and some of its ingredients may invoke an allergic reaction.  This product is harmful and may cause long term adverse effects on aquatic organisms and environments.


STAIN PRO is a ready to use, water based solvent spotter which is effective on most food based, acidic and oily stains including blood, vomit, tea, coffee, wine, cream and water based ink.  This clear liquid can be used on most carpets and fabrics and leaves a mint fragrance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Pretest for colour fastness and texture corruption before use.  Apply directly to stain with a towel or tissue and blot (do not rub) until there is no further extraction visible.  Rinse fabrics after use wIth PROCHEM B109 FIBRE AND FABRIC RINSE.

PROCHEM COFFEE STAIN REMOVER is a professional, ready to use spotter stain remover for direct treatment of tea, coffee, beer, tannin and water mark staining on fabrics and carpets.  Suitable for synthetic and natural fibres, this clear, acidic liquid leaves a fresh lemon fragrance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Always pre-test for colour fastness and sensitivity.  Spray COFFEE STAIN REMOVER directly onto stain undiluted and blot with a clean white towel.  Leave for up to 15 minutes for difficult stains before rinsing.  PROCHEM STAIN REMOVER may be ineffective against permanent stains.

N.B. This product should not be mixed with other cleaning agents.  For severe staining apply PROCHEM BROWNING PRESCRIPTION at a dilution rate of 1:1 before rinsing.


RED RX is specially formulated exclusively to remove water-based stains from carpets and fabrics.  It is effective for use on ink and dye stains, food and drink colourings, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and wine stains and leaves a fresh lemon fragrance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Application method varies depending on type of stain and type of fibre.  Always pre-test carpets or fabric on an inconspicuous area before use.  Apply RED RX directly to stain, undiluted, or spray onto larger stains diluted at a rate of 1:1.  Blot - do not rub - stain with a clean white towel or paper towels, and repeat until no further extraction is evident.  For more stubborn stains, use the wet towel and hot iron method to extract treated stain.  Place hot iron directly onto wet towel over stain for 10-20 seconds.  DO NOT ALLOW IRON TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH FABRIC OR CARPET.


CITRUS GEL is a detergent, liquid gel spot remover, which is effective and safe for use on many stains and spots including grease, gum, oils and tar.  This fragrant, citrus based gel is ready to use and designed for direct application to the fibre surface, without damaging latex carpet backings.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Shake well before use and always pre-test on an inconspicuous area before use.  Blot up excess staining, before applying CITRUS GEL directly to spot, taking care not to over-apply.  Leave for 2-5 minutes before scraping or blotting with a white towel or tissue - do not rub.  Repeat as necessary, blotting with water if required.  Brush with a pile brush to realign fibres.

N.B. This product is for professional use only.  Its content and packaging are harmful and should be disposed of as such - can cause long term adverse effects to aquatic organisms and environments.  Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

SOLVALL SPOTTER is a quick drying, ready to use, high performance solvent spotter, designed to remove oil-based stains including oil, bitumen, grease, cosmetics, tar and fresh gloss paint from most surfaces including carpets and farbics.  It is a clear liquid with a light orange fragrance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  Always pre-test on an inconspicuous area before use - some dyes and carpet backings, such as bitumen and latex, are unstable when exposed to solvent.  Scrape away any excess staining before applying SOLVALL SPOTTER directly to spot.  Blot away immediately WITHOUT RUBBING.  For heavy staining and gum allow solvent a short time to penetrate before blotting.  DO NOT OVER APPLY.  Following extraction treat area with PROCHEM B108 FABRIC RESTORER and realign carpet fibres with a pile brush.

WARNING: This is a hazardous product and should be treated as such - packaging and content can cause adverse long term effects to aquatic organisms and environments and should be disposed of accordingly.  SOLVALL SPOTTER should only be used in well ventilated areas and SHOULD NEVER BE SPRAYED OR AEROSOLISED; avoid breathing vapour and skin contact - wear appropriate safety gloves and glasses and do not permit people or animals to enter treatment area.

Flammable product - store safely.



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