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Unger are renowned for their window cleaning equipment and supplies, providing some of the highest quality products on the market for one of the fastest growing trades. Low prices, bulk buy discounts and trade accounts with Click Cleaning available.

Unger 10" Original Washer (WS) Unger 10" Original Washer (WS) Bulk pricing Unger 14" Monsoon Washer (MS) Unger 14" Monsoon Washer (MS) Bulk pricing Unger Microstrip Washer (NS) 10" Unger Microstrip Washer (NS) 10" Bulk pricing Unger Pad Strip Washer (RS) 14" Unger Pad Strip Washer (RS) 14" Bulk pricing
Unger Visa-Versa 14" (VP350) Unger Visa-Versa 14" (VP350) Bulk pricing
Unger Liquid 5litre Unger Liquid 5litre Bulk pricing
Unger Neoprene Gloves (GLOV1) Unger Neoprene Gloves (GLOV1) Bulk pricing
Unger Fixi-Clamp (FIXI0) Unger Fixi-Clamp (FIXI0) Bulk pricing
Lid for Unger 28litre Bucket Lid for Unger 28litre Bucket Bulk pricing