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How to Clean a Window

Our professional window cleaning tips and guide will show you just how to get the results of the Pros with minimum effort.

In order to clean a window correctly it is important to have the correct tools for the job.  The following guide will advise you of the products you need and the technique required to do the job.  For further advice take time to watch the video.
Start by making a window cleaning solution - squeeze approximately 2 tablespoons of
SQUEEGEE-OFF CONCENTRATE into a bucket containing approximately 5 litres of water; SQUEEGEE-OFF is our best selling window-cleaning solution, though there are many others - UNGER LIQUID also sells very well and is used by many professional window cleaners.  Washing-up liquid, such as FAIRY or CITROL, can be used instead of a professional window cleaning solution, but these solutions have been designed to increase the glide of the squeegee and do not leave behind a residue like some washing up liquids.
Using an applicator, such as the
ETTORE MICROFIBRE or PORCUPINE APPLICATOR, dip in the bucket of window cleaning solution, squeezing out any excess water.  Wash the edge of the window first and work towards the centre scrubbing in large circular motions.  Use just enough solution to keep the glass wet until you squeegee off.  For best results, machine wash your scrubber before first use.
Never clean windows in direct sunlight – the sun will cause the window cleaning solution to evaporate more quickly and will result in streaking.

Now squeegee the window, begin by ‘cutting in a dry edge’ down the side of the window.  Place a squeegee, such as the
PROGRIP SQUEEGEE, onto the glass so that only an inch of rubber touches the window - this provides a dry edge to anchor the horizontal strokes.
Starting at the top using horizontal strokes, squeegee off the solution, overlapping each stroke by about 1.5 inches.  Wipe the blade between each pass with a dry, lint-free cloth, such as a

Use your cloth to dry the edges of the glass when finished.
When cleaning high windows, use a telescopic pole like the
TELEPLUS POLE or the UNITEC POLE, place the scrubber on the end of the pole and wash the window in the same fashion as mentioned previously.
Replace the scrubber with the squeegee on the pole, position the squeegee at a slight angle and pull it across the top of the window ‘cutting in a dry edge’ as mentioned before.
Starting at the top use vertical strokes to squeegee off solution, overlapping each stroke by 1.5 inches.  Professionals ‘tap’ the squeegee against the wet glass after each pass to remove excess water.  Dry edges of the glass when finished, by wrapping your cloth around the tip of the pole.