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Laminate Floor Care

Learn how to clean and care for laminate flooring, and to protect your surfaces from wear and grime, using HG products and equipment.

Laminate flooring is made to look like natural products such as wood flooring or natural stone, yet is made of either synthetic materials (usually melamine resin) or of synthetic materials combined with natural and recycled ingredients, covered with an attached decorative applique, including an aluminium oxide finish.  HG HAGESAN have a fantastic range of products for laminate flooring.  



HG LAMINATE WASH AND SHINE cleans with a fresh scent and adds a shine; in addition, it also prevents a laminted floor from becoming dull.


  •      Simply add 100ml to a 10 litre bucket of preferably lukewarm water;
  •      Apply the solution sparingly using an ordinary floor cloth; immerse the floor cloth into the bucket of the cleaning solution and then wring out well before use.  Ensure the floor cloth is not too damp;
  •      Rinse the cloth regularly in the bucket;
  •      An alternative to using a floor cloth is to use a flat mopping system such as the HENRY SPRAY MOP, which has a microfibre washable head for extra cleaning power - there is no need for a bucket;
  •      Once the floor has been mopped using the HG LAMINATE WASH AND SHINE there is no need to rinse or to dry.
It is important that the directions are carefully followed and the laminate floor does not get too wet, as wetting the floor can cause the joints to swell.



Laminate floors can be protected against intensive grime, staining and wear with HG LAMINATE GLOSS COATING, which also provides a self-shining coating.


HG LAMINATE GLOSS COATING can only be used on laminate floors with completely glued seams and not on click-laminate, veneer parquet, laminate parquet, click-parquet and other wooden floors that are not completely varnished, as moisture penetrating between the seams can cause swelling.




Alternatively, PROCHEM offers a range of products for the professional to clean leather.


  •      Before applying the LAMINATE GLOSS COATING the floor should be cleaned thoroughly with HG LAMINATE POWERFUL CLEANER.  Dilute HG LAMINATE POWERFUL CLEANER with water at a ratio of 1:5;
  •      Immerse a floor cloth in the solution and wring out well, cleaning the floor in the normal way,whilst regularly rinsing the cloth in the solution.  In the case of very stubborn dirt, treat the floor in sections, leave the solution to penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe again.  Allow the floor to completely dry before applying the GLOSS COATING; the best results can be obtained by using a lint-free cloth;
  •      Dip the cloth into the solution and wring so it is damp, but not too wet;
  •      Apply the HG LAMINATE GLOSS COATING thinly and evenly in one direction only; do not rub in, and do not treat more then 5m² at a time.  Regularly dip the cloth into the solution and squeeze out the excess;
  •      After approximately 45 minutes, the HG LAMINATE GLOSS COATING will be dry and a second coat can be applied at right angles to the first coat;
  •      After 3 hours the floor can be walked on.  Avoid spillages or heavy wear for 24 hours until the coating has completely hardened;
  •      If you need to remove the HG LAMINATE GLOSS COATING, use the HG LAMINATE POWERFUL CLEANER UNDILUTED, treating the floor in sections, ensuring not to make the floor too wet.



For day-to-day cleaning of the laminate flooring, use HG LAMINATE SPRAY - ideal for spot cleaning - to help your laminate floor always remain in top condition.