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SYR Clean is a well-known name in the professional and industrial cleaning trade, with safety at its core. Click Cleaning stocks a wide range of their sundries and products at competitive prices - view them here:

SYR 'Lucy' Swing Bin WHITE SYR 'Lucy' Swing Bin WHITE Bulk pricing
Yellow Ladybug Bucket and Mop Yellow Ladybug Bucket and Mop Bulk pricing
SYR Floor Scraper SYR Floor Scraper Bulk pricing
Kentucky Mop Handle - Blue Kentucky Mop Handle - Blue Bulk pricing
SYR Interchange Handle SYR Interchange Handle Bulk pricing
SYR Edging Pad (BLACK) SYR Edging Pad (BLACK) Bulk pricing
SYR 5" 'Lucy' Funnel SYR 5" 'Lucy' Funnel Bulk pricing
SYR Plastic Measuring Jug SYR Plastic Measuring Jug Bulk pricing
SYR Interchange Pad Holder SYR Interchange Pad Holder Bulk pricing
SYR Bucket Dirt Grid SYR Bucket Dirt Grid
TC20 Kentucky Bucket - RED TC20 Kentucky Bucket - RED Bulk pricing TC20 Kentucky Bucket BLUE TC20 Kentucky Bucket BLUE Bulk pricing TC20 Kentucky Bucket GREEN TC20 Kentucky Bucket GREEN Bulk pricing TC20 Kentucky Bucket YELLOW TC20 Kentucky Bucket YELLOW Bulk pricing
TC20 Kentucky Wringer - YELLOW TC20 Kentucky Wringer - YELLOW