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How to Clean Grout and Remove Mould

Get useful mould and grout removal hints and tips, and learn how to use HG products on surfaces such as glazed walls, tiles and masonry.

HG GROUT CLEANER is a buffered, synthetic cleaner specially formulated to clean all grout joints, particularly between (glazed) wall and floor tiles, and masonry.


To make a solution of grout cleaner, dilute the HG GROUT CLEANER at 1 to 4 parts lukewarm water.  Apply this solution to the grout with a brush, such as the PROCHEM NYLON HAND BRUSH or the SINGLE WING SCRUBBING BRUSH; you can also use a SPONGE SCOURER for the application.  Leave the solution to work in for approximately 10 minutes then scrub the grout using either the brush or sponge scourer.  Finally clean the area with lukewarm water to remove dirt.  It is important to clean the sponge in clean water to ensure no dirt is left on the grout.


Leave area to dry and repeat if necessary.


If there is brown discolouration of the grout, especially in the washroom area, it is more than likely caused by limescale - in this case clean the area with either HG PROFESSIONAL LIMESCALE REMOVER (this product can be diluted 1 to 10 or used neat), or alternatively STC TOILET AND WASHROOM CLEANER.  When using either of these products ensure that the area is rinsed well with warm clean water.


If the grout has become black, this will be mould; HG MOULD SPRAY can be used for cleaning walls, including marble, and grout - it immediately destroys fungus, algae and moss.  


HG MOULD SPRAY has a bleaching action, if in doubt, first test on an inconspicuous or discreet area. 



Use the HG MOULD SPRAY neat; do not dilute; spray the area from 3–5cm distance and leave to work for approximately 30 minutes.  In the case of heavy, stubborn stains spray the area again and leave for another 30 minutes; after this time thoroughly rinse off the product.


This product does have a strong bleach smell, and it is advised to well ventilate the area during use.